June 10, 2011

Congratulations to Erin Young and Melanie Pratt

Thank you to everyone that entered our competition for tickets to Play School's Big Jazz Adventure. I hope our winners Erin Young and Melanie Pratt have a great day out with their families. Their entries are below;

Erin Young
I have two things we love to do.. First is to visit the National Gallery and see the Leonard French stained glass roof which bounces colours all around the room and often ends with kids lying on the floor looking up at it. Second is going at the end of a trip to the vic market, stopping at the bratwurst shop in the Deli section to get big hotdogs and then eating them on the park benches out the front looking at all the people!

Melanie Pratt
We pack a picnic lunch with sandwiches cut into stars & animals, board the 109 tram & head to Port Melbourne. If we get there early enough, we listen to the loud horn & watch the Spirit of Tasmania depart, then run around on the sand chasing seagulls & dipping our toes into the freezing bay. Then we see what we can collect along the waters edge to decorate a sand animal, before tucking into our lunch & tramming home. Afternoon naps always follow!

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