June 10, 2011

Resource Rescue

Resource Rescue - 7/31 Hosie Street, Bayswater

It's pouring rain outside and it's your day off. Clear the kitchen table, put down a disposable tablecloth, set out some paste & stickytape, then send the hubbie and kids off to Resource Rescue to pick up supplies.

Resource Rescue in Bayswater is brimming with cheap art supplies and sensational art craft materials, all donated by businesses across Melbourne who believe in recycling. You can become a member, or casual prices are $25 for a 54 litre capacity bag, depending on what items you select.

Resource Rescue is open tues-fri 9am - 5pm, sat 9am - 1pm, closed sun & mon. You can also buy selection boxes online and have them delivered. Check website for details.

So, go out and enjoy yourself. You never know, maybe you'll come home and the kids have built that new extension you've been asking for!

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  1. Wow, this place sounds awesome!! I must check it out one day :)