October 11, 2010

Danks St Playgrounds & Plum Garland Memorial Park

Danks Street Playgrounds, Albert Park
1. Cnr Victoria Av & Danks Street
2. Cnr Mills Street & Danks Street

This is a fantastic outing with the kids on a sunny day. Start out on Victoria Av picking up supplies at the IGA or grabbing a coffee from one of the cafes near Danks Street. Then head to the Danks St/Victoria Av playground where you can relax or catch up with friends whilst the kids explore the toddler-friendly playspaces and equipment including a birds nest swing (pictured above). Located on the median strip and fully fenced, this is a great playground for under-fives and a nice spot to just hang out with the kids. There is a good table setting for lunch and several bench seats with good visibility of the whole playground. From here you can walk down Danks Street and visit the other playground near the corner of Mills Street. This is another great playspace and it features a rocking tram that the kids will love.

Plum Garland Memorial Playground
Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park (near Victoria Av)

Now its time for a walk. Put the kids in the pram and head up Mills Street, cross over Beaconsfield Parade and walk along the beach until you come to the Plum Garland Memorial Park near Victoria Av. This is a great playground for under-fives as its right on the beach and well covered with shade sails. Being all sand means the kids can kick off their shoes and you don't have to worry about the little ones falling over and hurting themselves. My kids loved the wooden boat with its wheel house and passenger seats, plus the cubby structure where they could scoop up the sand and haul it up to the top level via a pulley system. Being right on the beach means this site can get a bit windy and of course quite hot on a sunny day, but its a great spot and the kids will love it. If you're still there at dinner time, it would be worth checking out the fish n' chip shops on Victoria Av. Otherwise take a walk down Victoria Av to Bridport Street or to St Vincent Gardens where there is another great playground and some nice picnic spots.

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