October 21, 2010

Walking with Dinosaurs

Hisense Arena
4th-15th May 2011

We're scaredy cats in our household so I doubt we'll be going to this life-size dinousaur show, but if your kids can cope with it I think this would be an amazing experience. Based on the award-winning BBC television series, this show is a "$20 million spectacle of unprecedented size and quality that travels from town to town in a staggering 33 semi-trailers." Pre-sale starts Friday 22nd October at 12 noon.


  1. cool! Do you know from what age (kids) the show is suitable for? I was trying to find that out on the link but couldnt find anything...

  2. Hi Erica. This show is officially recommended for ages 3 to 93 and by all accounts it seems it is suitable as long as you think your kids can cope with it. I know my kids definitely wouldn't like it as they refused to even see The Gruffalo and they are terrified of loud noises. However, I know plenty of four and five year olds that would love it. My suggestion would be that you check out some of the footage of the show on youtube and make up your own mind