January 22, 2011

Montrose Community Playground

951 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd, Montrose
Melways 52 D8

Built in 2008 by over 1000 volunteers, this community playground is fantastic and its a great place to catch up with friends with kids of different ages. My kids loved the insect and tractor springers, the birds nest swings and the fire engine. They also enjoyed playing amongst the shop fronts and running along the ramps. It is a large playground but it is relatively easy to keep an eye on multiple kids if you choose a good spot to sit and there are plenty of bench seats at your disposal. There's not, however, a great deal of shade so you might want to time your visit accordingly or pile on the sunscreen.

It is likely that the kids will want to stay for quite a while, so it might be worth grabbing a coffee at the bakery in the small group of shops towards Canterbury Road, or at Hahndorfs Chocolate Shop towards Mt Dandenong. If you are visiting later in the day and want to have an early dinner here with friends, the montrose fish n'chip shop is supposed to be good.

This would be a great venue for a birthday party and the hall next to the playground is available for hire at a charge of $50 for three hours. Otherwise there are several tables around the playground with bbqs but no shelter.

Montrose is located at the foot of The Dandenongs and is best accessed via Canterbury Road.

The Montrose Community Playground came about thanks to a local mum. Read her story here -


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