September 3, 2010

Time to get out

With the arrival of Charlie last month we have been doing very little as of late. Not only has it been especially cold, but the whole process of getting out the door with three kids requires a level of effort and organisation that is a bit beyond me at the moment. As a result Matilda and James have been busy discovering new ways of entertaining themselves and making mess. James' latest game involves pushing rice bubbles into the heat vent and watching them fly back out, whilst Tilly has tried on every item in her wardrobe in increasingly eccentric arrangments. Yes I think cabin fever has definitely set in and maybe its time to brave the cold.

That being said we have done a couple of outings to some old favourites recently. Maisy's Birthday Party at Dymocks was fun last Sunday, followed by a play in the Birrarung Marr playground. Check out my post on Dymocks Events in the Free or Events category - the Wonky Donky is coming up. We also went to the zoo when my husband was on paternity leave and it was as enjoyable as always despite the cold - check out my zoo post in the Attractions category.

As for new suggestions, I am working on a Things to do with Babies post, so watch this space

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  1. Love the blog, Jules!

    It's often a bit hard, because 'things to do with kids' doesn't always mean it's suitable for toddlers or babies. I have an almost-two-year-old daughter... I'm taking her to the Justine Clarke concert in October, so that could be a good one to add. Other than that, I don't really have many suggestions - but I'll keep an eye on yours!!