September 7, 2010


Black & White - Tana Hoban
This fold out playbook is a great way to entertain your bubs in their cot or on the floor during tummy time. It folds out accordian style and has pictures on both sides, black on white and white on black, so perfect for those early months when they are still finding it difficult to distinguish between colours.
(photo from greenwillowblog)

Baby Touch Books
We've had several books from the baby touch range and our kids still love them as toddlers. The Playbook is particularly good as it has mirrors at different levels so when they are doing tummy time they can gradually lift themselves up to the higher mirror. Baby Touch books also have different textures, shapes and colours for babies to explore as their senses develop, and words and sounds for toddlers to learn. This makes them perfect for siblings to look at together.

Both of these playbooks are available from Borders.

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