March 28, 2011

Rollerskating for Pre-schoolers

Skaterz Eltham
27 Susan Street, Eltham
Mondays & Fridays 10.30am -11.30am

This is far less nerve racking then you might expect. Specifically designed for the under-five age group, this class is a great way of preparing your child for the local production of Xanadu and building their self-confidence as they learn to skate.

Beginners, 2 years & over, are fitted with roller skates with the wheels tightened. This allows them to walk around in the skates and get used to wearing them. Gradually the coaches will loosen the wheels until they are happily rolling around, then its time to move them onto rollerblades which will give them greater balance.

Parents are able to sit and have a coffee, or join in as required. The class is led by at least two coaches and consists of various activities designed to get the kids moving in the rink and enjoying themselves. My kids loved the singing, dancing and game of hide n’ seek.

The class seems a little pricey at $16 per session, but for a full hour and a juice and freddo afterwards, it was quite good value. My daughter didn’t want to stay on the skates the whole time but she still really enjoyed it. My two year old son, on the other hand, kept his skates on the whole time and was walking around like a pro – this combined with his love of bright pink ear muffs has got me thinking we may have Australia’s next Newton-John on our hands.

There is no need to book for the pre-school skating classes and you can go on a casual basis. For more information, visit the Skaterz Eltham website or call 9439 6566.

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