March 12, 2010

PlaySchool Concert

Playschool Concert
Box Hill Town Hall, Tuesday 9th March 10.30am

This is my favourite toddler event of the year and I wish there were more like it. Basically it is a 40 minute concert with two regular Playschool presenters singing some of the more popular songs from the TV show accompanied by a keyboard player and of course our favourite toys - Big Ted, Little Ted, Jemima and Humpty.

My kids watch Playschool every morning as it is the only thing that will keep them occupied whilst I have a shower and its great for activity ideas and themed play. Better still, it doesn't drive me crazy like Maisy, Bob and Dora. Even my 1 year old, who is generally not interested in TV, loves Playschool.

Ofcourse both my husband and I were Playschool fans when we were young, but it wasn't until we were travelling through Europe with our 15 month old daughter that we rediscovered this fantastic show. On a whim I had bought the Playschool in Concert DVD with us (just in case the Sistine chapel wasn't interesting enough for her) and flying back into Melbourne after a month of Dance Dino Dance and Singin in the Kitchen, we both agreed it was our best purchase ever. It is still the only DVD that seems to please everyone.

This year's concert at Box Hill Town Hall was enjoyable. My three year old daughter danced her way through every song, often bumping into other excited toddlers up on their feet. And for days afterwards she talked of nothing but Humpty and Jemima. However, whilst the presenters, Teo and Abbey, were good they were not as upbeat as Alex and Leah who we saw in the Ringwood show last year, and the content and set were not as good this year either. The venue was less formal, but arguably better than the darkened theatre format as it encouraged audience participation and social interaction.

I would definitely recommend the Playschool concert to anyone with children under five. However it is perhaps best suited to children in the 2 to 4 age group.

Playschool concerts are held annually in various locations throughout each state. For details, visit or contact Kids Promotions on (03) 9727 2996. I would highly recommend joining their maling list so that you don't miss out next year.

The Playschool in Concert DVD is available at ABC stores, Target and other DVD retailers.

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